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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey guys, this is a short brief blog about my youth conference in church.

So today was the first day and everone form 26 other country came to GTPJ.I tell you there were these american they were like so fresking tall i wish i can show you da pic i have a lot of them and i meet new people well not american there malaysian but the worship team was awsome the indonesian one was the awasomest....

Well, my mom say i needa sleep early. So i gonna stop writing here ok.

Oh yeah APYAC stands for
Title: Speak to the nation

Let our voices be heard.....

oh yeah.... totally awsome

So i blog it again tomorrow it's like for 3 days!!!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey guys,
Sup still bored during the holidays

Kay if your readin this.
WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DOG WALKING AND DOG WASHING THAT WE SAY WE WANTED TO DO LOL, i forgotten about this until my mother ask me about it.....lol KAY reply me yah..

Well its been 2 days that i am completly addicted to the computer....ahhhhh its driving me mad...

Well,ok then i'll stop here cause i wanna ply game ok byebye then.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey guys,
just realli bored now in the house my brother is sitting next to me plying with his PSP.And might i say tht the game he is playing is so cute but sometime the noice can be so irretating and im plying this game in facebook which is raising fishes. Its kinda boring i JUST REALLY BORED duno what to do what to do i finally uploaded the pictures into the computer so here's some picture for you guys....

Well this was on saturday me and my ex-classmate went out together to sunway
SUNWAY SUNWAY SUNWAY it is always this place that we go...don't you guys get bored..lool

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow how long since i wrote my last entry haha i think it was 1000000 years ago lol!!!!

Okay since the holiday started all i been doing is:
3.Watch TV
4.Play the computer

That is most proberly it.

Well i did some shopping with my friends and all.The photo's are still in my camera im being very lazy to upload my pic i thinking of changing my blog skin can anyone suggest me what kin of skin should i pick.I don't want thoese kind of girly girly skin.

Well,my church just have a Charity Baazar.I had fun.
Tomorrow im going to Sunway with my ex Classmate

if you know what i mean..hahahahah

byebye, sayonara

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Friday, November 6, 2009

If i hurt anyone Im sorry
Ann Ri and Ywin Ru,
I'm sorry for what i did to you guys pleace don't fight anymore....Ywin Ru if you want to scold Ann Ri pleace don't come find me and scold me if you must.If not just let the past go and I'm really truly sorry for what i cause you guys.
Sincerly, Rachel Choy.

Hi guys...
okay i have nothing to write i am really very lazy to write about my blog....Is been a long time since i blog..teehee sorry....lately im juz really tired...ok lah i'll stop here...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheau Tyna juz make words sound so meningful....
because today in ace-edventure we had to say the MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD and she said that LIFE FRINEDS AND FAMILY are her most bBEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD and that move me to tears....
And to tell yu something that one of my ace friend his name is Jeremiah he likes to talk about girls A LOT and i dun noe why....teehee
And i also got this friend His name is Ming Chong teacher say THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD not THE MOST DISGUSTING THINGS IN THE WORLD and he keep saying about green stuff that either comes out from the back or the nose or the mouth.....
Well ok thats all for today...
that guy tht i like hehe i now comunicate with him teehee.......

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey guys,
guess what Im in singapure..

so Im here for my cousin wedding his name Is Kenny koko..
I woke up this morning at 5.00AM
So we were almost late for our flight..
Ok now pics...

So here's the lion head

Look hehe im drinking the water and somehow it tasted good..hehe

here e here e im the first girl that drank frm the fountain.....
ok so guys come to singapure and take this photo hehe....
ok so im doing my blog in the hotel...
Is call the Ibis hotel located in Bencoolen Street....``
So....the room here is small
1 king size bed
1 bathroom with no bath tub
1 lcd screen tv which is like a gaint compurter but it small and im wactching a korean movie here the show all MEDIACORP somost of the show are nice to watch....and im kinda bored right now...
But tomorrow Im going to the science centre here in sing so whn im back here in the hotel with the computer Im surely to update my blog hehe
Ok well,
thats all for today so byebye.. hehe

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